Pigeons Loft Design – How To Make Best Loft

Pigeons Loft Design: There are  number of options available when you’ve decided you want a loft for pigeons. You can buy relatively inexpensive loft kits, convert an existing shed or build one from scratch. Pigeons really won’t mind whether you spend $50 or $5,000 on their home, as  long as it’s comfortable for them.

Pigeons Loft

Importance of Sunlight in Pigeons Loft

Important to realize your loft should face east/south east to receive the morning sunlight. If this isn’t possible, you may be able to include an opening to allow all possible sunlight to enter in.

Morning sun is very important. Sunlight will make your birds noticeably happier and more alert. Using UV daylight bulbs inside the loft during normal sunlight hours, as well as giving the birds access to regular sunlight improves their mood.   

Ventilation in Pigeon Lofts

This is one of the biggest mistakes new fanciers make not having enough fresh air for their birds. The loft should never feel stuffy inside and should never be dusty and make you cough. Pigeons produce body heat and the sun beating down also produces heat. Your loft will need good ventilation with slow moving fresh air. Wind powered turbines installed into the walls work very well for this and are quite cheap.  

Remember that warm air rises and cooler air is heavier than warm air. Your loft will need ventilation holes in the bottom to bring in fresh air and a vent in the roof for the warm, stale air to escape through.

Beautiful Pigeon Lofts

Beginner Simple Pigeon Loft Design

Having the loft raised from the ground will allow a steady flow of air beneath. Also ensure that there is no way for vermin to enter the loft. Rats and mice will  tunnel under your loft if given the opportunity, eating feed and potentially killing your pigeons.

 Installing plastic louvre vents is the easiest way to help air circulation without allowing drafts to flow through. Cut a hole into the wall of the loft that is slightly smaller than the vent then screw it [the vent] over the hole… it’s as easy as that! 

Never have ventilation which will let rain beat into the loft.  The general rule is that so long as it doesn’t smell musty in the loft then there is enough ventilation.

Ideal Size of Pigeons Cage

Pigeons from overcrowded lofts don’t perform to their true potential. Overcrowding can increase fighting and make the birds restless as well as making the air stale. It’s very important to plan ahead how many birds you want to keep in total in the long run.

There should be at least 0.3m² floor space per bird and install  enough nest boxes and perches for any new birds you are planning to add in the loft. 

 Overcrowding will affect the health of your birds, make them unhappy and will affect their performance to fight and race in tournaments.

Floor of Pigeon Loft

A wooden floor acts as a good insulator, stays warm and is smooth for scraping. The disadvantage of wooden floors is that they are harder to disinfect. 

Concrete floors aren’t good for race lofts, because they are cold and retain moisture. However, they can be good for the breeding loft and you can concrete the race loft if you add heating.

Wire floors cause problems as droppings beneath the wire can get damp and grow fungus. If you do have a wire floor, you need to be meticulous in regularly treating it for fungus and insects.  

Roof of Pigeons Loft

Roof Of Pigeons Loft Design

For Racing Pigeons Loft Design – As you want your pigeons to get inside their loft immediately after landing, a flat roof is a bad idea. Ensure that you have a roof that the pigeons can’t land on so that they are forced to land on the landing board.  

Pigeons Loft Design Sections 

You will need separate sections for your birds, regardless of what system you are using to train your birds. At the very minimum, if using the natural system, you will need three sections to your loft one for the male mature birds, one for female mature birds and one for the new youngsters.  

It is always advisable to have a separate, smaller section as a bird hospital, where your sick or new pigeons can be quarantined until they are 100% disease free.  These partitions can be easily achieved by erecting a simple partition wall that splits your loft in half.

Pigeon Lofts

It does not need to be particularly strong, just strong enough to support a door that you can move through and close behind you. To this end it can be made from a simple piece of plywood cut to fit the shed’s dimensions with a hole for a door.

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