Teddy Pigeons

Teddy Pair

History of Teddy Pigeons

Teddy pigeons are one of the top favorite breeds of Pakistani fanciers. There continuous outstanding performance in Pakistan and Middle East in last 10 years have made many records.

If we see the background of teddy pigeons, they are cross breed of “Jonsiri” female and “Missa” Male.Mistri Abdul Rasheed and his brother Mistri Deen a famous fanciers of Qasoor city, caught a female pigeon “rang wali jonsiri”, they crossed that female in “Missa Pigeons”.

In 1963-1964 first teddy chicks were produced in the loft of Mistry family. It was observed that when these birds were maintained in purity there flying performance slightly decreases every time.

The average flying time of teddy birds in pure form are 9-11 hours. However the cross of teddy birds are observed to be more effective in increasing the time as 12-15 hours.

At the same time, observing the trend of increase in demand of these birds, many people start the breeding of these pigeons for the purpose of business. As a result their performance graph drops down.

مفت میں اپنے یوٹیوب چینل کو بہترین اور آسان طریقے سے بڑھائیں

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Teddy Pigeon - How They Were Made

Experienced fanciers taught us that they were again crossed in different bloodline to maintain them for better performance. Later few fanciers also added theSialkoti“Ali Walay Birds” in Teddy Breed.

Summarizing my words, teddy became variant of 5-6 breeds including Missa, Jonsiray, Kamagar, Bankay and Ali Walay.

In addition to the topic, it was observed that teddy pigeons also produce an important role in making new breeds. For example, “Lal Pari” pigeon breed was made by crossing teddy pigeon with “Dab Walay” pigeons ofQasoorcity.

Color of Teddy Pigeons

Teddy Pigeons can be found in three colors:

  1. Jonsiray Teddy (Blackish feather on the neck, body color white)
  2. Kalsiray Kaldumma Teddy (black head till neck and black tail)
  3. Salaray Teddy (Both primary feathers on the wings are in black color)

Founders of Teddy Breed in Pakistan

It is important to realize the top names in Pakistan, who maintain and breed the Teddy birds perfectly are:

Ustad Mistree Deen Late | Ustad Chaudry Sakhi Muhammad Bhatti |Ustad Haji Mehar Asghar | Ustad Mian Nazeer Lilyani (Late) | Ustad Naeem Bhatti