Sialkoti Pigeons

Sialkoti Pigeons Chuhay Kabootar

Types of Sialkoti Pigeons

The Sialkoti pigeon breed is native to Pakistan and originated in the Sialkot region of Punjab. This breed is well known for its muscular and impressive appearance.

Sialkoti Birds are considered as the backbone of highflyer pigeons in Pakistan. There high intelligence and returning abilities are at the top level among all the Pakistani Pigeon breeds.

Below are some of the top sialkoti pigeon breeds.

  1. Batera Pigeons – بٹیرے کبوتر
  2. Ali Walay Pigeons – علی والے کبوتر
  3. Chuhay Pigeons – چوہے کبوتر
  4. Jonsiray Pigeons – جونسرے کبوتر
  5. Sabz Motioun Walay Pigeons – سبز موتیوں والے کبوتر
  6. Lal Motioun Walay Pigeons – لال موتیوں والے کبوتر
  7. Tuniya Pigeons – ثنیے کبوتر
  8. Wahshi Pigeons – وحشی کبوتر
  9. 35 Walay Pigeons – پینتس والے کبوتر
  10. Chat Walay Pigeons – چھت والے

Highflyer Pigeons


Performance of Sialkoti Pigeons

Like other pigeon breeds, these pigeons also made tremendous records in Pakistan & Gulf countries.

Increase in humidity in hot weather conditions does not effect their performance.