Digestion Issues in Pigeons Not To Worry Now

Digestion Issues in Pigeons – I hope all friends are well by the grace of God. If any friend is facing difficulties, I pray that God makes it easy for them. Today, I am here to present a new and unique topic for your service. I will try my best so that any interested friend can benefit from my opinion and this writing.

Most pigeon fanciers complain about the digestion of pigeons, that the pigeon’s digestion is not functioning properly. Pigeons eat grains properly, but their existence is becoming weaker. Or there may be an issue of constipation in pigeons, etc.

Friends, keep one thing in mind that if a pigeon is drinking clean water and the water being consumed is free from germs. The container in which pigeons drink water is completely free from germs according to the principles of health preservation. The grains that pigeons are eating, all types of grains are mixed in it must be clean and pure. There is no stale or fungus-infected grain in it. Similarly, according to the principles of hygiene, if everything is correct, then pigeons will never have a problem with constipation and digestion.

Pigeon Constipation – Reasons Behind

An Important reason for Pigeon Digestion Issues are that they eat the same type of grain all year round and suffer from stomach problems. The grain should also change with the changing seasons. In modern times, the grain season for pigeons is being produced in new ways, which are also causing many harmful effects. Different types of pesticides are used to control insect infestations on crops. Then, when the same grain is stored, various toxic pesticides are also used, which eliminate some beneficial nutrients in the grain. Where toxic sprays and other toxic medications reduce the nutritional value of the grain, the effects of these toxins continue to be transferred to the pigeons.

Pigeon Poop Problem - Digestion Issue

These toxins not only affect the pigeons’ digestive system but also create other health problems. The medications have the most detrimental effect on the friendly bacteria present in the animal’s body. With a decrease in friendly bacteria, the self-defense system becomes weak. Digestive and stomach problems are the first to arise.

The indiscriminate use of antibiotics is causing severe problems for animals other than humans. The indiscriminate and unnecessary use of antibiotics is also weakening the immune system. This greatly affects the friendly bacteria. With a decrease in friendly bacteria, the bacteria that reside in the body also become weak. As a result, the self-defense system becomes weaker.

Use of Prebiotics and Probiotics for Pigeon Digestion

The use of probiotics and sometimes prebiotics should be necessary to deal with current conditions for both pigeons and humans. Probiotics strengthen all friendly bacteria and maintain their appropriate numbers. They provide defense power, allowing any living being to effectively combat all kinds of diseases.

If the immune system and defense power of any bird weaken, even dealing with a minor illness becomes very difficult. Since prebiotics are obtained from fiber-providing food, it is also essential to use such food that contains fiber. For pigeons, European companies produce many prebiotics and probiotics medications. They also provide instructions for their use.

In my opinion, everyone should use prebiotics and probiotics in every season. It will have many benefits. Whether they are breeder pigeons or flying pigeons, everyone will benefit. Many seasonal and non-seasonal diseases will be eliminated. Pigeons will remain healthy and active. They will also be relieved from daily medications.

Knowledge of Grains To Treat Pigeon Poop Problems

Pigeon Digestive Issue - Grains to use during pigeon constipation

Digestion Issues – It is important to have knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of the grains used in the diet of pigeons. Fanciers should know which grain to give in which season and which grain can cause harm according to the season. For example, in winters when pigeons molt, I have often seen enthusiasts using mustard seeds due to lack of knowledge.

However, mustard seed has a cooling effect. In the cold season, when pigeons lose their feathers, they feel colder. During molting, it is foolishness to give pigeons a grain that makes their bodies even colder. During molting, enthusiasts should use oily seeds to obtain and keep the pigeons warm.

Additionally, the knowledge of the warm and cold nature of grains also prevents various diseases and problems. This way, many problems related to digestion can be avoided.

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