Qasoori Pigeons

Qasoori Kabootar

Highflyer Pigeons


Pigeons of Qasoor

One of the top high rated breed in Pakistan is the Qasoori Pigeons. These pigeons are wonderful highflyers with strong will power to fly. Eye color of the qasoori birds are red, orange-red. They have many records of flying in extreme hot weather conditions.

Types of Qasoori Pigeons

Below are some of the top qasoori pigeon breeds.

  1. Kamagar Pigeons – کمگر کبوتر
  2. Golden Pigeons – گولڈن کبوتر
  3. Imam Deen Pigeons– امام دین کبوتر
  4. Jurray Pigeons – جرے کبوتر
  5. Neelay Pigeons – نیلے کبوتر
  6. Dab Walay Pigeons – ڈب والے کبوتر

Cross Breed in Qasoori Pigeons

When we discuss about these Pigeons, it is must to discuss the famous fancier Ustad Mian Nazeer (Late) from city of Qasoor Lilyani. He was one of the best pigeon breeder in history of Pakistan.
Today, his birds are performing and making records every new year around the world.

With his great knowledge and skills, he produces new pigeon breeds by crossing the Ferozpori Pigeons and Teddy Pigeons in these pigeons.