Indian Pigeons

Rampoori Indian Pigeons

Indian Pigeons

Indian Pigeons are an incredible species with a fascinating history and vibrant cultural significance. They are a symbol of peace, friendship, and prosperity in many different cultures.

Many highflyer pigeon breeds of Asia belongs to India. Indian pigeons are highly intelligent with great flying and returning abilities. Ferozpori, Rampoori, and Banka Pigeon breeds are considered as the best flying birds in India.

We believe the more people are aware of the delicate beauty of these birds, the more valuable they become in our modern-day society. Join us on this mission and learn more about these beautiful creatures. Thank you for your support!

Highflyer Pigeons


Indian Pigeons Breeds

Below are some of the names of different indian pigeons.

Ferozpori Pigeons – فیروزپوری کبوتر

Banka Pigeons – بانکےکبوتر

Rampoori Pigeons – رامپوری کبوتر

Surkhay Pigeons – سرکھے کبوتر

Lalsiray Pigeons – لاکھے کبوتر

Haray Pigeons – ہرے کبوتر

Dobaz Pigeons – دوباز کبوتر

Khatang Pigeons – ختنگ کبوتر

Known for their ability to perform impressive aerial acrobatics, these pigeons have been bred for generations in India for their flying skills. They are often seen in pigeon sports, particularly in competitions where their flying capabilities are showcased.

Indian highflyer pigeons have distinct physical characteristics that set them apart, such as longer wings and tails compared to their domestic counterparts. This unique body structure enables them to soar high in the sky and perform various aerial maneuvers with precision.

Many pigeon enthusiasts value these birds for their exceptional flying abilities and train them extensively for pigeon flying competitions. These competitions often involve pigeons flying in groups, with the objective of achieving the longest flight time or executing specific flight patterns.

Flying Time of Indian Highflyer Pigeons

Indian highflyer pigeons are known for their remarkable flying abilities and endurance. They have the natural ability to fly for extended periods, sometimes ranging from 8 to 12 hours without a break. However, the exact flight time can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, training, and individual bird capabilities. Some highly trained and conditioned pigeons have been known to fly even longer distances, often covering hundreds of kilometers in a single flight. It’s truly fascinating to witness their remarkable flying skills!