Indian Pigeons

Rampoori Indian Pigeons

Highflyer Pigeons


Indian Pigeons

Many highflyer pigeon breeds of Asia belongs to India. Indian pigeons are highly intelligent with great flying and returning abilities. Ferozpori, Rampoori, and Banka Pigeon breeds are considered as the best flying birds in India.

Indian Pigeons Breeds

Below are some of the names of different indian pigeons.

Ferozpori Pigeons – فیروزپوری کبوتر

Banka Pigeons – بانکے کبوتر

Rampoori Pigeons – رامپوری کبوتر 

Surkhay Pigeons – سرکھے کبوتر

Lalsiray Pigeons – لاکھے کبوتر

Haray Pigeons – ہرے کبوتر

Dobaz Pigeons – دوباز کبوتر

Khatang Pigeons – ختنگ کبوتر