Canker Sore Treatment in Pigeons

What is Canker Sore ?

Canker Sore Treatment: The avian diseaseTrichomoniasisis also commonly known as “pigeon canker” or simply “canker”or “roup,” and canker sores. With time pigeon fanciers are facing an increase in the amount of pigeons being suffering from Trichomoniasis OR Canker Sores.

Canker in Pigeons

Canker may be transmitted via saliva, drinking water and in the droppings. The disease might progress in excess of a number of days or even weeks, consequently affected birds are frequently very thin or emaciated.

Pigeon Canker Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Chronically infected birds should be separated from breeding birds. Practice a high standard of sanitation at all times. Do not add birds to an established flock as they may be carriers of the bacteria. Always quarantine New birds for at least 30 days.

Provide sanitized dishes and fresh and clean water at all times. Eliminate all sources of stagnant water. Treat all birds prior to breeding season.

Treatment of Canker Sores

Whenever you see your birds not willing to eat or fly. Always check the mouth of pigeons. If you see some yellow or white spots in the mouth, immediately start the Canker Sore treatment.

Repeated swallowing movements can be a sign of canker. Similarly a bad odour from the mouth of infected birds. In cases when lesions are located in the sinuses or tissues around the eyes, the birds may have water eyes.

Canker in Pigeons

Best Medicines For Pigeon Canker

As revealed by many experts below are some best medicines to treat canker sores.

  • Dimetridazole
  • Metronidazole
  • Ronidazole
  • Flagyl
  • Erythrocin / Erythromycine
  • Trichoplus Powder
  • Spartix
  • 3 in 1 OR 4 in 1 formula for pigeons

Natural Treatment For Canker Sore | Home Remedy

Always use Apple Cider Vinegarin the dose of5 ml / 1 literof fresh water. It will not only help your pigeons to improve their immunity but also kill the parasites. The parasite can’t survive in acidic water and apple cider vinegar drops the water PH to about 4-5 at the dosage above.

Canker Sore Treatment Home Remedy

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