Diarrhea in Pigeons Big Problem for Fanciers

Diarrhea in Pigeons – Watery Droppings – The symptoms of this disease are a looseness of the bowels, sleepy look about the eyes, ruffled feathers over the frontal, and a dejected appearance of the subject. Youngsters in the nest quickly succumb to this disease. When fanciers see that the droppings of their birds are watery, the cause must be looked to at once. It may be temporarily caused by a hard fly and the drinking of a cold draught of water on arrival home.

Poor quality of Maze, will induce diarrhea in pigeons more quickly than anything.  Try a little old baked English wheat or good sound peas two years old.  A gentle aperient, in the shape of a dose of castor oil sometimes clear the system if taken in hand at once.  

Reason for Diarrhea in Pigeons

Always remember to diagnose the disease first. Diarrhea in pigeons may occur even if the bird is feeling the cold. It may also occur if the bird is in stress, or if the feed is not up to the mark.

  • eating poor quality food
  • poor, unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals
  • the presence of worms in the bird
  • problems with the organs of the digestive tract
  • drinking polluted water
  • living in unsanitary conditions
  • excess usage of antibiotic therapy.

Pigeon Watery Droppings Treatment

Loose watery dropping are also symptoms of pigeon suffering from Coccidiosis or Salmonella disease. In some cases a teaspoonful of camphorated chalk, added to a quart of water, effect an immediate remedy for diarrhea in pigeons.

The disease is more common in hot weather, and bad ventilation and over- crowding will cause it.  A change of grit is also useful. Break up some fowls’ egg shells and add some good, clean oyster shell and a little cuttle fishbone powder to the ordinary record grit, and it will often stop diarrheas. 

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