How to Check Pigeon Health in 5 Minutes ?

Every fancier love to keep pigeons for different varieties, some are in the habit of keeping racer pigeons, while other love to keep highflyer or low flyer pigeons accordingly. In my opinion every fancier must know how to check pigeon health.

Tips to Check Pigeon Health

Dropping of the pigeons should be well formed, without smell, brown/green in color and firm. Birds with slimy, wet dropping or dropping with worm like particles in them should be removed from the loft immediately.

There should be no yellow, slimy mucous or deposits or grey spots any where in the lining or on the jaw of pigeons.

Beaks of pigeons should have white, powdery skin and the same around their eyes.

Feet should be clean and responsive. Only an ill pigeon would allow itself to get dirty feet. Feathers around their anus should be dry and clean with no discoloration or dirt.

Eyes should be bright, alert and clear all the time. There should be no sign of flies, mites or other parasites in the loft.

Entering New Birds In Loft !

Always quarantine new birds: Many birds carry bad bacteria yet look healthy. All new pigeons should be wormed, treated for canker and coccidia, and placed on ten days of antibiotics (Baytril or Cipro are good) to get rid of salmonella BEFORE they are put in with the other birds. Do NOT cause your birds any undue stress by over handling, irregular loud noises or constant interference. Stress will definitely affect their performance.

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